I use Emacs, and particularly Emacs org-mode for just about everything I can, especially for writing books and organizing myself.  This is a personal choice, I don’t agree with those who say that everyone should use it.  I encourage my students to experiment with it, about one a year adopts Emacs as their editor.

These pages contain notes I’ve made for students and my own personal benefit.  They include instructions how to set up Emacs for Windows and Ubuntu (not always as easy as people would suggest), basic Emacs for 16-17 year old students, a course in Just Enough Emacs Lisp, the Emacs Workout to help keep you in Emacs Shape and whatever else I can think of.

All feedback is gratefully received.

I have found the following sites useful in learning Emacs and org mode:


  1. Alexandra says:

    I have never heard of eMacs until today. Sounds brilliant though, as I don’t get most ideas down on paper because I type too slow. However how does it work exactly? Do you have a demonstration of the process.


    1. Tony says:

      Sorry, I don’t have a demonstration. You could start here and follow the links: https://tech.tonyballantyne.com/emacs-workout/ Good luck, and I hope you find it useful!


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