Emacs Workout

Once you’ve got the hang of Emacs you’ll never use anything else.

True, but first you have to get the hang of it.  And then when you’ve got the hang of it,  you have to keep in condition. The best way to do this is to use it, of course, but are you making the most of all of the features? Are you an efficient user?

Here’s the Emacs workout, designed to remind you of all those features you read about and forgot, and to improve your facility in those you only use occasionally.

5 thoughts on “Emacs Workout”

  1. Your Emacs for professional writers posts are the reason I read Dream London. And I hope that buying Dream Paris will help make more Emacs posts for me to enjoy. Please write more about how you use Emacs! I’m very interested in learning more applications of living in plain text! Thank you!

  2. This Emacs Workout series is awesome. I read it all in a row. I’m using Emacs on a daily basis but still learn tricks.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

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