JDBC Project


This course was written to demonstrate how to use Java and JDBC to query a MySQL database. The original audience was 14-18 year old students.

The course covers the following

  1. Using JDBC to connect to a MySQL database
  2. Fetching a ResultSet from the database (Querying the database)
  3. Adding records to the database
  4. Creating a GUI to display data retrieved from the database
  5. Using a GUI to add data to the database


You’ll need access to a MySQL database. Try http://www.usbwebserver.net/en/ or https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html

You will also need some basic knowledge of MySQL. This website is an excellent introduction: http://sqlzoo.net/


Following the COVID19 outbreak, I hurriedly recorded some YouTube Videos. I’ve incorporated links in the course. I may re record these properly if I have time. Feel free to leave feedback on what needs improving.


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