Using Evernote

I’m an Evernote Certified Expert. I joined the program to gain an insight into the product and to publicise my own work. Save for a free subscription I don’t get any payment. 

Why do I use Evernote?

There are number of alternative note taking apps such as Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, Notion, Workflowy, Obsidian and Roam. There are good reasons for choosing each of these over Evernote: every app has its own advantages

Here are my priorities for choosing a note taking app:

  • Has to be cross platform (I’m forced to use Windows and Apple in my work, I choose Linux when I can)
  • Need web access and mobile access
  • Has to have a way of exporting and backing up my notes. (I don’t care how established a company is, my notes are too valuable to lose)
  • Needs a client for offline access

A couple of other thoughts about Evernote

  • It’s been around for a long time. It may not do some of the things other apps do, but it does a lot more overall.
  • Evernote is agnostic, it doesn’t prescribe one way of working. Saying that, don’t fight the system. Systems are set up to do things in a certain way. Don’t try and apply your old apps philosophy roughshod over the new app. See how they do things. It won’t be better, just different

The posts below detail how I use Evernote.