Mouse and Emacs

Okay, if you’re using Emacs properly you won’t be using the mouse. You know that you waste time moving your hand from the keyboard to the mouse and back again.

But there will be times when you have the mouse in your hand anyway, so whilst it’s there you might want to remember these handy shortcuts…


Ctrl and mouse 1 brings up the buffer list. Slide that mouse down context menu to quickly change buffer

Selecting Text

The following are worth remembering:
  • Double clicking on a parenthesis selects up to the matching parenthesis
  • Double clicking on a word selects it
  • Triple clicking selects a line

Mouse-1, Mouse-2, Mouse-3

I’m right handed. On my computer, Mouse-1 is left click, Mouse-2 is the scroll wheel and Mouse-3 is right click
Mouse-1 sets the point
Dragging the mouse not only sets the region, it also copies it to the Primary Selection, ready to be inserted by Mouse-2
Mouse-3 extends the current selection up to the point clicked. Mouse-3 a second time deletes the selection. This doesn’t work in all modes, however.

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