Really Simple Scrivener Mode

Here’s a screenshot of a really simple Scrivener type view for org mode files. I set this up following my simple sidebar set up.

Scriv Sample

I’ve copied the code below (I’ve also joined the 21st Century and started uploading code to GitHub)

The code is actually very simple. To make notes appear in a side window, simply put the letters TR (for top right), BR (for bottom right) or HD (for heading) at the start of a title and then call org-tree-to-indirect-buffer on those headings. I’ve added a key binding to M-s i to make this easy. I like to have certain notes always visible while I’m typing, this system allows me to vary just which notes they are.

And that’s it. Very simple, but I’ve found this very useful when writing.

(defun my-sidebars()
  (setq fit-window-to-buffer-horizontally t)
  (setq window-resize-pixelwise t)

  (setq display-buffer-alist
        `(("\\*Occur\\*" display-buffer-in-side-window
           (side . left) (slot . 0)
           (window-width . fit-window-to-buffer)
           (preserve-size . (t . nil)) 
           (window-parameters . ((no-delete-other-windows . t))))
          (".*\\.org-HD." display-buffer-in-side-window
           (side . top) (slot . 0) 
           (preserve-size . (t . nil)) 
           (window-parameters . ((no-delete-other-windows . t))))
          (".*\\.org-TR." display-buffer-in-side-window
           (side . right) (slot . -1) 
           (preserve-size . (t . nil)) 
           (window-parameters . ((no-delete-other-windows . t))))
          (".*\\.org-BR." display-buffer-in-side-window
           (side . right) (slot . 1) 
           (preserve-size . (t . nil)) 
           (window-parameters . ((no-delete-other-windows . t)))))))

(defun my-indirect-buffer ()
  (let ((current-prefix-arg 4))                       ;; emulate C-u
    (call-interactively 'org-tree-to-indirect-buffer)))

(defun scriv()
  (when (require 'wc-mode nil t)
  (global-set-key (kbd "M-s i") 'my-indirect-buffer))

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