3 – Python Lists (Level 5)

Sample Code

food = ["Sausage", "eggs", "Bacon", "Beans"]
pupils = ["John", "Jill", "Emily", "Satpal"]
scores = [5,3,6,7,9,1,2]
days = ["Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday", "Friday","Saturday"]
for day in days:
print (days[2:4])
if "John" in pupils:
    print("Pupil is present")
    print ("Pupil absent")
pupils = pupils + ["Arthur"]


The following questions refer to the sample code. You can type the code into IDLE and run it to help you figure out the answer

  1. Look at the print(food[1]) line. What does the [ 1] do?
  2. How would you print the first item in the list?
  3. If a python list has seven items, what would number would the seventh item be?
  4. Look at the print(pupils[2:]) line. What does [2:] mean?
  5. Look at the print(days[2:4])line. What does [2:4] mean?
  6. Look at the print(days[-2]) line. What does [-2] mean?
  7. What does len do?
  8. What do max and min do?

Now write your own modules to do the following

  1. Create a list called months, containing the months in the year.
  2. Print out all the months, one after the other
  3. Use slicing (e.g. days[2:4}) to print out the spring months: March, April, May
  4. Print out the summer months: June, July, August
  5. Print out the first and last months of the year
  6. Print out the winter months: December, January and February


Use a search engine and online manuals to find out how to get Python to do the following

  1. Reverse the following list: [“Sunday”,”Monday”,”Tuesday”,”Wednesday”,”Thursday”, “Friday”,”Saturday”] i.e. print out “Saturday”,”Friday”,”Thursday”,… etc
  2. Remove “eggs” from this list food = [“Sausage”, “eggs”, “Bacon”, “Beans”]
  3. Sort the following list into ascending order scores = [5,3,6,7,9,1,2]
  4. Insert “Mushrooms” into this list, just after “eggs”
  5. Count how many times “blue” appears in this list [“red”,”blue”,”blue”,”blue”,”red”,”blue”]

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