Adventure Game 8: Making a Playable Game

Now we have a working game engine, we need to make the game more interesting.

We can do this in a number of ways.

  1. Think of an interesting setting: in a castle, on a spaceship, in a school for witches and wizards…
  2. What quest are we setting the player? To find the gold? Escape from the space station before it explodes? To find the spy?
  3. How about adding some characters: dragons, vampires, aliens, zombies?
  4. What sort of objects could we use? Magic wands, rayguns, teleporters?
  5. What sort of puzzles and riddles could we add?


  1. Think of the setting for your game. What does the player have to do (what’s their quest?)
  2. Draw a map for your game (see lesson 1 for an example) Don’t add too many locations – 16 is more then enough.
  3. Think of the objects the player will have to use and add them to the map.
  4. Make a note of the game play. What will the player have to do to complete the game.
  5. Now modify the code of the game engine to write your own game.
  6. Get your partner to play the game and feedback.
  7. Make any improvements to the game.

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