Adventure Game 4: Structured Programming

The program is becoming very complicated. We need to apply structured programming techniques to make it easier to follow. According to the specification this means:

“Using modularised programming, clear, well documented interfaces (local variables, parameters) and return values.”

Copy the following code into your IDE

places = ["A clearing in a forest", "An old wooden cabin", "A dark cave"]
moves = [{"n": 1, "s": 2},           {"s": 0},              {"n": 0}]
objects = {"spanner":0,  "lockpick":0, "spade":2}
location = 0

def print_objects():
    for key, val in objects.items():
        if val == location:

def take_object(noun):
    for key, val in objects.items():
        if key == noun and val == location:
            print("Got it!")
            objects[noun] = 99

def drop_object(noun):
    for key, val in objects.items():
        if key ==noun and val == 99:
            print("Dropped ", noun)
            objects[noun] = location

def Main():
    ans = ""
    global location

    while ans != "bye":
        ans = input("What now?")
        words = ans.split()

        # Check if it's a move
        if len(words) == 1:            
            if ans in moves[location]:
                location = moves[location].get(ans)
                print("I can't move that way")
            verb = words[0] # e.g. Take or Drop
            noun = words[1] # e.g. hammer or spanner

            if verb == "take":

            elif verb == "drop":

                print("I don't understand what you mean")



  1. Copy the code into an IDE and run it. Check that it works
  2. Give an example of a local variable in the code.
  3. Give an example of a global variable.
  4. Give an example of a parameter.
  5. How many functions have parameters passed to them?
  6. What are the advantages of the modular approach?
  7. Add a function eat_object(noun). The function will print “I can’t eat” + noun.
  8. Add code to the Main method to call the eat_object() function

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